Tools/items that make gardening easy!
Garden fabric is the KEY to gardening without weeds! It's worth every penny and will save you countless hours/days of weeding. Check it out here. This is a 3ft wide option, there is also a wider fabric option linked below.

P.S. I have recommended this fabric to many friends. Some who have chosen to buy a cheaper version. If you buy cheap fabric, usually the sun can shine through it... so instead of stopping weed growth (by eliminating light), it acts like a green house and speeds it up. Which leads to more pesky weed seeds in your garden. Please save yourself some time and just get the high quality stuff. 

This is the kind of staple we use to hold down the fabric. 
Ethan and I use compost tea in our garden to boost nutrients while we water our plants. We put a little splash of Fish Fertilizer in the water also! It does have a bit of a smell that goes a way in a few days, but the results our plants show are amazing! You can get some here.

Here is another option for fabric. This one is 5 feet across.

Making soil blocks is a good way to start plants! When transferring to the garden, you can plant the entire block, this keeps the roots from being stressed as well as gives your plant some solid nutrients right from the start. You can get them here.

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