Meet the Authors!

HOMESICK: FINDING HOME WHEREVER YOU ARE  is a phenomenal book collaboration between 16 women who openly share their trials and triumphs as they moved to different towns, states, provinces, and countries. The authors share tips they learned on their journeys and encouragement that you can also find home wherever you are. Use this book and the BONUS COURSE that comes with it as your guide to start healing your homesickness, creating friendship and ultimately find home.

Echo Alexzander
Echo Alexzander is the Chief Adventure Officer of her brand, Adventures for #RealLife.  Adventure is, of course, her life word.  She was prophetically named to be an echo of the voice of the Lord and share her Christian faith with the world.  
A wife and entrepreneur, Echo and her husband James live on their dream homestead in the Ozarks, in southwest Missouri, USA.
Echo speaks life and seeks to build community while teaching about freedom.  She considers herself an American patriotic activist and US Constitutionalist.  She teaches about travel, wellness education, and personal growth to help create more fun, health, and overall abundance in the lives of others. 
Echo loves authenticity, and her goals include bringing a new revolution of love, abundance, and integrity.  She is leaving a legacy never to forget this wisdom and for it to echo for generations.
She’s also hustling daily to make unicorns admire her as much as she admires them! 🦄


Alicia L. Williams 
Alicia Williams is a wife of 14+ years, an angel mom, an IVF warrior, a content creator, and a business owner. Alicia and her husband have lived in four states and seven cities. The last big move was two years ago. 

A former early childhood educator of 19+ years, she is now the owner of Babb’s Blessings, which she created to keep her mother's legacy alive. It is an online shop where you can purchase special bundles and boxes for different occasions or just to let people in your life know that you are thinking of them. She has a very soft place in her heart for specializing grief bundles and bundles for couples going through fertility treatments. It is truly a legacy of love. 

Alicia has an addiction to traveling and learning all about different cultures. She loves being in nature, and the ocean is her favorite place to be. She loves staying active; her favorite outdoor activities are hiking, snorkeling, and boogie boarding.  

She is very close to family and friends in her home state and travels back to South Dakota whenever possible. She especially loves to love on her nephews and niece.  She believes life is meant to be lived and experienced to the fullest. She is definitely a cup-half-full gal with a genuine love and passion for people and life.

Michelle LeeAnn 
Michelle LeeAnn is a mom of five children, three boys and twin girls. She became a mother at 17 years of age. Michelle has endured judgment, struggled with self-love, and battled depression and health issues. It took her a long time to develop the mindset that she needed to be a warrior in a world full of worriers. 
After several years of personal growth, she is a Certified Life Coach and Finance Coach. Her hobbies include exploring the outdoors, motorcycle riding, and gardening. In the colder months, you can find her curled up on the couch in front of a warm fire. She spends her time and energy creating a life she loves.

Sharlene Mohlman
With a grand total of 28 moves (as of publication), Sharlene is happy to settle into a more permanent move this year. She knows of the stress of moving many times, which has helped her focus on the financial side of things to help empower more women to live financially abundant lives. 
Sharlene has created a strategy that demolished her debt in 5 years on an income of less than $55K even though she wasn't legally allowed to make more income. This strategy has been crafted to help women of any financial level create lasting financial freedom. She would love you to join her as you navigate personal and business finance.

Jennifer Veerkamp 
Jen Veerkamp has been traveling the country and living out of her small, converted cargo van since 2017. She is an open book, a kind soul, an adventurer, a bucket list enthusiast and a guide for people who want the freedom that van life offers. She meanders and explores new areas with her sixteen-year-old chihuahua named Harley. Jen’s home base is in Minnesota where she grew up, but loving anything outdoors, she feels most at home in nature.

She runs a Facebook group “From Trapped in the Daily to Freedom,” where she helps others transition into van life, freedom, and adventure and answers any questions they have along the way. If you are feeling stuck and trapped, that is the group for you. It’s a place to learn all about van life and creating your own adventures! So come with your questions and stay for the community!

Kirsten Rude

Kirsten is a fierce and passionate mom, educator, and nature enthusiast. Her family finds peace when deeply immersed in nature. She founded Organic Roots School in 2021, a micro-school that focuses on a combination of Forest School Montessori and Waldorf education. Teaching children through nature is Kirsten’s purpose in this world. 

Kirsten teaches academics with a strong focus on helping her students become amazing humans. She teaches her students that they can be passionate about anything, not just reading and math, and how creativity, play, and imagination are powerful. Kirsten teaches her students that they can do anything they put their minds to, and their shine never fades.

Melissa Calo-oy 

Melissa Calo-oy lives in Texas with her husband and their two boys. She is a pediatric nurse and a medical consultant at a daycare. She can quote extensively from animated and Marvel movies, along with knowing the parameters of vital signs for littles and the signs and symptoms of almost everything that should keep you home from daycare. In her spare time, Melissa loves to cook, share recipes with people, take naps, and is working on turning her front yard into a spot with something blooming each season. Her heart of hearts is that women would understand they have a purpose and a story to tell, even if they need a little help finding the time to put it into words. If you want to follow Melissa and her family’s adventures as well as new projects she takes on, be sure to visit her website at

Kerry Anderson

Kerry Anderson is a graphic designer who loves to inspire people through visual designs. She is passionate about exploring new experiences, traveling to national parks, and backpacking. Kerry enjoys spending time going on any adventure with dear friends and family. Kerry strives to live life in full color, be vibrant, and enjoy every day. 

Hailey Pelzman  

Hailey is a wife, cat mom, running enthusiast, and a full-time employee in the science and pharmaceutical industry. While she tends to be a “jack of all trades,” this is her first professional writing experience. Hailey is not afraid of new challenges, evidenced in her half-cross-country move from West Virginia to Chicago. She works hard to achieve big goals and is always out to learn new things. Becoming a first-time homeowner in a huge new city gave her many learning opportunities. Life has not always been easy for Hailey, but she has learned to set her sights high and never stop achieving the goals she sets for herself.

Jess Kayhart
Jess Kayhart is an author and speaker who loves to help others walk through difficult times.  Drawing from experiences everyone can relate to, she encourages others to find meaning in the hard things and realize they can be OK right where they are.  Jess and her husband live on an 80+ acre farm with their three children.  She currently works as a Real Estate agent and serves as Worship Leader at the church in Reedsburg where her husband pastors.  She has a master’s degree in Theology, and her debut novel, Father King, was an Amazon Bestseller. Jess looks forward to continuing to write, speak, and share her experiences to help other people. 

Erika Harston Noll
Erika Harston Noll has had several health challenges that knocked her off her feet. Through the years, she has developed skills in advocating for herself and others, holistically supporting health with natural medicine and nutrition, and creating a healing home.  Erika teaches other moms to do the same in her Facebook Group, Holistic Super Moms.  Advocacy has become a passion project for her, and she enjoys helping others learn to advocate for themselves in many different situations.
Erika grew up in Illinois and is raising her family in California.  She is happily married to her best friend, and they have seven children.  Erika has a bachelor's degree in Comparative Literature, is a best-selling Author and Editor, is a Certified Nutritarian Coach, and has spent many years researching, implementing, and teaching holistic approaches to health as a Wellness Coach.  She loves baking sourdough bread, preparing delicious plant-based meals, gardening, music, dancing, reading, homeschooling, and playing board games with her children.

Athens Pellegrino 
Athens E. Pellegrino grew up in Ocean City, New Jersey. She attended St. Joseph’s University and obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. Athens met her husband Christopher while attending the university and married in 2009. After, she studied at Troy University and received a Master of Public Administration degree. Athens serves as a Budget Analyst and military spouse in the United States Air Force. She has a love for traveling, cooking, dogs, and fitness. 

Athens and Christopher have a son, Atticus (age 3), and two daughters, Callista (age 2) and Ella (3 months). The family has experienced 8 Permanent Change of Station (PCS) assignments. Athens is intrigued by the strength and resiliency of military families, which led to her creation of the Military Child Chronicles series. The first book is Mission: My First PCS  followed by Mission: Mistletoe. She was most recently recognized as the Armed Forces Insurance MacDill Air Force Base Military Spouse of the Year 2022. Athens and her family are currently relocating to Okinawa, Japan.

Kripa Reese
Kripa Reese was adopted by a loving family 21 years ago. She and her husband have eight children and homestead on a fourteen-acre farm. Kripa has been a stay-at-home mom for the last 12 years, and she absolutely loves it. However, she prefers to be called a homemaker because it sounds fancier. She loves to take her kids into the woods and go foraging and teach them all about nature, animals, and, most importantly, God. Kripa loves to tell her children about how she moved to America and never forgets all the stories about Nepal. She makes sure her children know about their Nepali heritage. She is never shy to discuss with her kids about forgiving others, treating people with kindness, and always saying hi and making conversations when meeting someone new. 

When she is not busy raising kids, she plays with her house plants, organizes her home, and declutters. She loves to help people because she believes this world would be a better place if every human being on earth helped each other. When you visit her, you never leave empty-handed because it is a Nepali tradition to send gifts with departing friends. 

Sara Garnett 
Sara Garnett is a working mom of two, an avid horse lover, and a personal development enthusiast. She loves to help women live the lives they were meant to instead of letting life happen to them. She also speaks with organizations about how they can help their employees live their best lives and therefore show up as their best selves to work, their families, and the community.
Sara's dad spent 20 years in the military before retiring. She moved every 1-3 years and went to 8 different schools from kindergarten to graduation. As described in the chapter, the final move set off mental illness that she had to overcome through therapy and other tools learned as an adult. After finally stabilizing her life, she shares her planning and organization strategies with other overwhelmed working moms. Visit her site or social media profiles to learn more!

Kaycia Ellingsen 
Kaycia is a wife, mom of three, moving coach, bestselling author, and course creator! She and her family have moved multiple times and have lived in 6 different states. Their next move is less than a month away! With all that moving experience, Kaycia teaches people who have moved to a new area how to heal homesickness by leading them through the process of creating connections and excitement in their new location, even if they are super shy!

    Kaycia is passionate about continually learning and growing into the best version of herself. Adventure and stepping into completely new situations have become some things she craves, but it wasn’t always that way. Her hope is that you see you’re not alone in your journey and that you can create the life of your dreams with intention.