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Life Journal
The Life Journal is just the tool you need to keep making progress in all the areas that are important to you! 

Start by listing the daily moments you are thankful for and then systematically list the goals you have in life. Keep them top of mind so you continue moving forward in every area of life that is important to you... But MORE important than goals is the daily action step! What actions will you take daily to keep moving forward and create the life you dream of?

Add in building micro habits, journal prompts and lots of free writing journal pages and you have the BEST Life Journal!

You can use the journal daily or weekly, but the most important thing is that you use it! You don't get the life of your dreams by thinking about it, you create it by taking daily actions to create exactly what you want! The Life Journal will lead you through the process of focusing on what is important daily!

Now get out there! Go create the life of your dreams!

I'll be here, cheering you on! 
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Lined Journal Created By Jada (Age 12).