Release the negative thoughts that are holding you back!

welcome to the fastest, gentlest, and easiest method to Dissolve negative thoughts, feelings and memories with essential oils. 

Mindset Reset sessions help you release what has been holding you back and feel empowered to take the next step, no matter what your goal is. 

It works even if you don't know what's holding you back!

It's time to stop living a mediocre life and take action on releasing your negative thoughts so you can live the life you dream of! Schedule your Mindset Reset session today!

Mindset Reset

👉A gentle way to release trama, blocks and thoughts that are holding you back. 
👉 Measurable results in just one session!
👉 Scent Therapy 
👉 Step-by-Step Process

If you are feeling stuck in any area of you life, Mindset Reset will quickly and gently dissolve the negative thoughts, feelings and memories that are holding you back from your dreams.
What would life could be like if...

  • You cleared out your negative thoughts
  • You were able to take action on your goals
  • You could release the negative thoughts and memories that were created by trauma
  • You were able to see your goals through a new perspective
  • You felt empowered and capable of accomplishing your goals

All of this is now possible

What is Mindset reset?

"It's an entirely new way of using pure Essential Oils, combined with proven psychological principles, to quickly and gently dissolve the negative thoughts, feelings and memories that hold us back from reaching our dreams. It uses the principle of Memory Reconsolidation, which has been studied by modern Neuroscience as the natural way that the brain updates learning and prediction.
I discovered that holding the four primary aspects of consciousness together at the same time (feeling, thought, sensation, and imagination) while smelling specific essential oils had the effect of "dissolving" the memory/emotion complex, and allowed the person to become free from the effects of negative experiences from the past.
I further discovered that the same process can be used when considering current experiences and future imaginings.  We now have techniques that are wonderful for goal setting, stress reduction, relief from painful memories, and overall mental and emotional balance."

- Dr. Bemjamin Perkus

See results in one session, feel like you CAN reach your goals, so that you are able live the life you were created to live!