Traveling Hacks
Magnetic lights to the rescue!  

You can place the light switch inside or outside of your car. The switch connects and stays in one spot by magnets on the back. It is SUPER valuable when you need light, but don't want to search for a flashlight. Because it is magnetic, you also don't have to hold it while using it! So you have two hands to do whatever task needs to be done!

Using curtains to cover the opening of a vehicle door allows the breeze to circulate through your vehicle but keeps the bugs out. It also offers privacy if a kid needs to change quick or would like a quiet space to relax. Having curtains up also turns your vehicle into a "cool" hang out space for kids! : )

Magnetic Clips!

If you are using your vehicle as additional hang out space while camping, both extra clips and magnets come in handy. And to have them combined is just wonderful! Use the clips for hanging a light curtain over the door in order to keep the bugs out. The clips also come in handy for holding up fabric to block the sun and holding needed supplies.

Multi-drawer container!

Here is a container similar to what I have in the back of my van. It works really well to help keep things  organized. You can also use the surface as a place to set high use item while parked. I store a small pillow on top of the container when traveling, so when the kids get tired, they can reach back and grab the pillow.


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