Hey! I'm Kayica. It's nice to meet you!

 As someone who had to learn the hard lesson that value does not come from external sources, Kaycia is passionate about lifting other women up and helping them grow into the best versions of themselves, even if they don't believe in themselves yet. She helps women who are ready to move past the label of "shy" and start living their life instead of watching from the sidelines. If you resonate with that, then this is the place for you! Kaycia believes that "shy" is a label that puts people in a box, and that you CAN develop the skills of conversation and friendship. She is all about helping people grow into the best versions of themselves, as she is still growing into her best version also.  This is a place for women who are learning to stand in who they are. 

Be bold and share your story with the world!

Make up to $10,000 as You Publish a Best Selling Book About Your Business! 

Your book will be centered around the challenges you solve with your business and the success stories of the people you serve or people who have a similar experience.

I will be there to lead you through the entire process!

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Move past the limiting beliefs that are holding you back!

Kaycia helps women dissolved the negative thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that hold them back. In an hour session, clients shift from feeling like their dreams and desires are impossible to feeling empowered and ready to implement the action steps towards their goal!

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