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Three Steps to Creating More Friendships

It's time to build friendships and embrace the adventure of life, even if you relocate often!

Move Past Homesickness And Start Enjoying Life Again.

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 Kaycia Ellingsen is a mom of three, a wife, an adventurer, and a best selling author. She's lived in six states and has experienced the joys and challenges of moving to new areas. Kaycia is passionate about teaching people who have moved how to heal homesickness by leading them through the process of creating community and excitement in their new location, even if they are super shy! 

Has a move looked different than you expected? Have you ever walked into a room wanting to make friends, and then left feeling even more lonely? Do you wish for life to be like it was in your old town/city?

If you resonate with any of the above questions, then Kaycia is your guide!

Join the Homesick to Happy Movers Community and learn how you can live a life of adventure and confidence while feeling “at home” in your new area.

How can I help you create friendships and embrace adventure? 

Join the community

Do you feel like you are walking through this journey alone?  There are actually many people who move! Come join the community, where you'll find like-minded movers embracing adventure, building friendships,  inspiration and real talk about ALL the things that come with relocating!

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moving converstaions and tips found here!

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If you are thinking about moving, adjusting to life after the move, or stuck in homesickness, this is the place for you!

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