Gifts for someone who is moving | Gifts

Gifts for someone who is moving | Gifts
Packing up, moving out, and leaving a place behind can be an emotional time as well. So what can you gift that will be a blessing? Here are some useful gifts that your friend can use, even in the transition of a move!

1Stationary is always a welcomed gift, especially for someone who is moving into a new home. They can use it to write thank-you notes, send out change of address cards, or just keep in touch with friends and family.

2. New sheets- Moving into a new home is the perfect opportunity for your friend to start fresh with new sheets. It's a gift that they will use and it's worth taking with them.

 3. A journal is a great gift for anyone who likes to write or needs an outlet for their thoughts and feelings. It's also a nice way to document the move and all the new changes in their life. 

4. Travel bags They can use them for the move, weekend getaways or longer vacations.

5. A gift card is always appreciated, especially if your friend is moving into a new city where he/she does not know anyone yet. A gift card to their favorite shop can become an activity that they look forward to. 

5. Meal Prep ContainersMeal prep can be a great way to save time and money, and it's even more important when you're moving. 

6. A subscription to a meal delivery service- For someone who are moving and starting anew, a subscription to a meal delivery service can be a lifesaver. It saves them much needed time and energy. 

7. A StressAway roller bottle. I feel like the name in itself says it all!