5 ways to keep your kids entertained on long car rides

Are you hitting the open road with your little ones this summer? If so, you'll want to check out these five fun ways to keep them entertained on long car rides. From games to activities, we've got you covered! So pack up the car and get ready for some quality family time.
The first way to keep kids entertained is play games like "I spy" or "20 questions." I also like to ask the kids to count different things as we drive, such as blue cars and red cars. This can keep the kids looking out the windows, which in turn keeps them from bothering each other. 

I also like to have books that the kids can color or draw pictures in, as well as activity books. Honestly, having a large variety of activity books that the kids don't usually get to use can be a saving grace if you unexpectedly get stuck in stop and go traffic for 2 hours!  I find that bringing some different style coloring pens helps keep their interest too. 

                                                                    Here is the scratch art pad.

Another really cool way to keep the kids attention is to turn the trip into a learning experience by teaching them about the places they're visiting. I like to make little stops along the way at museums or other interesting places. Kids are capable of learning a lot of history too! It's fun for kids and adults.
 The fourth option is to give them snacks to eat and drinks to drink. I know that there are some parents out there who do not let their kids eat in the car... that is not me. If having a snack will keep the kids entertained for 20 more minutes while we reach our destination, I am totally okay with it. 

The last thing that I do is let them watch movies or go on their devices. Usually I set a time at the beginning of the trip that they can go on their tablets/devices. This will eliminate the questions of when they can turn on their screens, because the kids will know exactly what time. I usually make sure they spend at least 2-3 hours off screen doing other activites before I let them on their device. 

Even with the occasional meltdown, long road trips can be a lot of fun when you have some activities planned to keep the little ones entertained. I hope the list of five ideas will give you some inspiration for your next family road trip. Enjoy!

Do you have a tip for road trips with kids? Let me know in the comments. I would love to hear it!