The Feeling of "Missing the Old."
Have you ever been blindsided when big emotions and feelings hit?

The feeling of missing the old and known is not usually fully understood until a month or two into the move. 

When getting ready to move, I usually know I'm going to miss my current place, town and people. I drive off with a bitter sweet feeling. Happy to be doing new things and exploring new areas, but sad to leave what has become familiar and comfortable. 

In most places we move from, we leave something that we will miss. The views of the woods, the walking trail, playgroups. library, friends, or even how the grocery store is set up. Those feelings of "missing the old" usually pop up and it's okay. It's okay to miss where you have been and the people and special things there. You are able to see all the benefits that old place had to offer. Now you can see them clearly because it is contrasted against new situations and different places. Feel it and notice it, but don't let yourself stay there. Appreciate what was and the good that you had, but look to the future with bright eyes. There are many ways to embrace the new, even while missing the old. 

Start by asking the locals about what places they like in the area. Go and explore those areas, grocery stores, restaurants, and parks. Talk to the people you meet during your new adventures and learn more about what makes the area you are currently in special.

As you start making a new routine and find things to enjoy about the new area, you will start to feel more at home and at ease. Many realize that they are strong enough to enjoy the new place with out the supports of the old in place. We get stronger every day.

Claim your strength! 

It's in you, call it out.

If you are looking for more ways to build friendships in your new area, join my community of friends who are embracing the adventures of moving!


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