Making a jump into a totally new environment can be scary. A little over a year ago my hubby randomly text me and said, “Are you open to moving out of state?”

To be honest the words hit me hard as I read them. I wasn’t expecting that text, I wasn’t planning on ANOTHER move. I put my phone away as I took in all the goodness around me. The green grass, the garden, the breeze, the view, my kids playing in the yard. I looked at all the good I saw and pondered if I could walk away from what I loved here and step into something completely new.
Change is scary. With every choice to say yes to something new, we are accepting that we will be walking into situations that we don’t fully see yet. We are saying yes to an adventure that we will have to figure out as we go, bobbing and weaving with life. We will have to adjust when the big emotions hit and bravely walk our children through a hard transition. I would be lying if I said it was not scary. It is scary to lead a family through a transition when I don’t know what the result will be.

But here is the thing. When people move, they grow exponentially. When saying yes to hard situations and the potential for a hard transition, it is also saying yes to figuring out hard situations and proving to ourselves that we can thrive in uncertain times. No matter happens we can adjust and make the needed changes to get our life back on track to where we want to.

I would even say it is when you willing step into hard situations that you will become the better version of yourself that you know (deep down) is possible. It is through hard situations and big changes that strength and resilience blooms. It’s through stepping out into the unknown that we bloom as people.
 So is there potential that the big move will be hard? Yes. Will it be worth it? Yes. Will you and your family have to grow? Yes.
 As long as you are focus on the solutions and not the problems, you can mold this life into anything you want it to be. 
 Here are some things that will help:

Start the conversation with your kids as early as possible. The more time kids have to process and ask questions about the move the better.
 Make sure that your kids have contact with their friends. As adults we usually have easy streams of contact set up with our friends, make sure your kids have the same ease of access to their friends. This way they can connect with friends from back home when the need to.

Plan for big emotions. Moving can be a big deal for adults who know how to deal with all the emotions that come up. Moving for kids is just as big of a deal, if not bigger. Sometimes kids do not know how to deal with those big emotions. Instead of shaming big emotions, have open conversations and extra one to one time. Extra hugs and talk time will help them feel safe even when their world is changing. 
 Create a list of things that you are looking forward to. This helps for kids to see the move in a positive light! Bonus points if you can schedule weekly fun activity once you get to your new destination. The activities do not have to be costly, just fun family events. Visiting local parks, checking out a new ice cream place, going to local attractions, and so on are great ways to start creating great memories in your new area. 
 Great things are in store for you and your family!


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