How to Install Garden Fabric.
A great place to start when installing garden fabric is with the perimeter of the garden (no holes for this strip of fabric). It's important to fabric the perimeter of the garden so you don't have grass seeds or roots getting into your garden. Ethan and I like to have at least two to four feet between our garden and our yard.

Once the perimeter fabric is down, we start putting down one row of fabric at a time inside of our garden (We usually put holes in our fabric before putting it down in our garden). Place the first row of fabric down in your garden and secure the top edge with the fabric stakes. Do this by folding the fabric under and placing a fabric staple through the two layers of fabric.

Make sure to overlap the first row of fabric about two to three inches over top of the edge of the perimeter fabric. It is important to not leave any space between rows for weeds to grow. Stake down tightly the side that is touching the perimeter.

Then lay your roll your second row of fabric out. Pull the first row of fabric tight and then stake the second row to the fabric, overlap three inches. The second row’s top edge will underneath the row that was connecting to your perimeter. See the video for an example and while your at it, here is another quick video.

Continue to overlap each row of fabric all the way to the other side of your garden. Make sure your fabric is tight down to the ground and that you are placing plenty of staples into your fabric along the edges. If wind can grab the fabric, it will rip out some of the staples and then rip the pieces of fabric out of your garden! You don’t want that to happen, so stake it down tight! If your soil is hard, use a mallet or hammer to pound the staples to hold the edges of your fabric.
**If you have wind that commonly comes from one side of your property, considering making that side of fabric the side that is under the other piece of fabric, so the wind has less edges to grip.
Oh, by the way, if you have any questions feel free to send me a message or if you want all the information on how to set up your garden, jump into the A to Z Easy Garden Setup Course.  The course walks you through setting up your garden step by step and gives you a lot more details. If you need it cool, if not no biggie.


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