Picking Habits to Take With You When You Move.
Moving locations is a great transition! 

Before moving , it's a great time to look over the daily routines and pick out things that are going really well. Yes I said that correctly, look at what you are doing right!  Pick out the habits that have value, that make your day go smooth, morning routines, and those cherished evening chats . 

Write out a list of all the rocking habits.

When moving things can get jumbled around and the routines that took so much work to establish, if  not careful, can be lost while navigating the current situation. Don't lose what you have worked so hard to gain. Pick a few key routines to focus on, reinforce and make sure that the routine(s) survive the move.

This point is even more important if you have kids. Their world is changing too, and a solid routine can give them a sense of stability when if feels like all else is shifting.  You don't have to carry the whole routine over to the new location, just a few of the core and cherished routines. So if your family has a routine of eating together every night, that would be a great one to keep! Giving the adults and the kids things that they know and can trust all the while being in a totally new situation can bring comfort and added peace to the situation. 

After all, a house is just a house... It's you who makes it a home. You are able to transform an ordinary house into a place of peace and connection with routines that make days go smooth and people feel valued and loved.

If you are looking for ways to add in positive routines, check out the Moms28daystovalue challenge!  It has great ideas and action prompts for establishing health routines for you and your family.


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